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Sustainability in Design

What is sustainability in design and construction, and why does it matter?



The construction industry generates roughly 40% of annual global CO² emissions. These excessive emissions are causing an imbalanced carbon cycle on our planet, resulting in climate change and associated extreme weather. By taking action in limiting the carbon footprint of your construction project, we can help to bring balance to the carbon cycle and improve our quality of life for generations to come.



Here in the Okanagan the average person uses 675 liters of water every day. This is more than double that of the average Canadian, yet we have the lowest water availability per person in the Country. Implementing water smart strategies into building design and construction can help to protect our most precious commodity and ensure long-term viability in the region.



The construction industry is responsible for approximately 1/3 of the world's total waste. It is estimated that 30% of building materials delivered to a site end up as waste. With careful planning during the design process we can help to reduce that number while saving on construction costs and helping to protect the natural ecosystems that we rely on for happy and healthy living. 

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Durability & Resilience 

Climate change and the resulting extreme weather conditions that we have been dealing with in recent years have made it even more imperative that we are heavily focused on designing durability and resilience into our homes. Whether it be defending against natural events like fires and floods, or ensuring that your structure is prepared to combat the elements without concern for mold and rot, it is the design stage where the decisions will be made that will ensure you have done everything you can to protect your family and your investment. 

Our St   ry

The name Blue Dot Dwellings simply means "Earth Homes". We believe that we have a responsibility to future generations to help rediscover a synergy between our homes and the planet we build them on. With a focus on integrating passive design techniques with innovative technology and a passion for architectural aesthetics, we strive to provide beautiful, healthy, and sustainable homes without compromise. 

Coming from a background in architectural and engineering based building science, Ryan founded Blue Dot Dwellings with a vision of helping to produce low impact buildings that make you feel good about where you live. Inspired by his daughter, Kaia, he has adopted the "every little bit helps" mentality in an attempt to do his part in providing a better future for our kids. Along with the ever-growing community of forward thinking individuals in the construction industry, we hope that we can help to guide you through your next project and deliver you a home that you can be proud of. 

Ryan Hosaki 

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Ryan Hosaki 

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